What have you gotten for Valentine’s Day ?

Shia Long, Author

Our loving teachers have the gift of being able to teach us . We want them to know we still think about them , not just on Teacher Appreciation week . When you’re younger most moms would send their child to school with a gift for their teacher at the end of the year .  Now that we’re in high school it seems pointless , because we’ll be seeing them for the next four years right ? Yet , we love our teachers and the respect we give them in school is a gift anyone would accept .  But at home who gifts them ? Significant others ? Family ? Friends ? What do they get ? Candy ? Flowers ? Even though they are so typical , but we never forget about our male teachers . Do they get watches ? Hunting gear ? Shoes ? We wanted to know so we asked .

Coach Green ; A card and candy

Coach Josey ; Scavenger Hunt leading to a beautiful bracelet

Ms. Skeet ; Chocolate and flowers

Mrs.Shaffer ; Engagement ring

Mrs. Pointer-Jones ; Jewelry

Mrs. Gibson ; Fishing rod and reel

Mrs. Rainey ; Roses , Chocolate , and a Puppy

Mrs. Cantu ; Diamonds and rose , “I’m high dollar girl !”

We’ve gotten advice from two teachers . Coach Nicoll has gotten a teddy bear in the past but he explains , “I wouldn’t remember , because they’re all exes right ? I usually break up with them on the 13th anyways .” So news flash , let’s forget about our exes in 2019 . Mrs. Martinez says she never gets anything on this specific day , “We don’t treat each other better just because of the holiday . We should treat each other this way all the time .” Just because the holiday is about love and for love doesn’t mean you treat your Valentine like you really love them just for that day . Love them always .