Where to Take Your Date on Valentines Day

Elliott Cundieff, Reporter

Valentines Day is always such a special day for couples and relationships around the world. Each year, people always buy their date some nice flowers or even a box of chocolates. But what matters most about Valentines Day is who you are taking out and where y’all are going.

Everyone is always very confused on where the best restaurants are to take their date on Valentines Day. Well this year, no one has to worry; here are the best places to take your date on Valentines Day.

Unfortunately, the Brazosport Area is very weak when it comes to nice and intimate restaurants. Although we don’t have very many, the ones that we do have are very high quality and serve very great food.

The number one place to take your date on Valentines Day is Giovanni’s in Angleton, TX. Giovanni’s has the undisputable, best Italian food in the entire county. Giovanni’s has an amazing and authentic environment that will set the mood perfectly for a Valentines Day dinner.

Another great place to take your date on this very special day, is to the great Table 24 in Lake Jackson, TX. Table 24, like Giovanni’s, also has an amazing environment and great lighting. Table 24 serves a very Rustic-style of American food. Table 24 features great steaks, chops, and seafood dishes. If you really want to make this year’s Valentines Day special, Table 24 is the place to go.

The Grape Taste is also a very intimate restaurant that will make your date feel very special. The Grape Taste is an American restaurant that is located in Lake Jackson, TX. The Grape Taste features great seafood, steaks, burgers, and pasta dishes. The Grape Taste is pretty pricey but is less expensive than the last two restaurants listed. The Grape Taste is certainly a restaurant that everyone should consider this Valentines Day.

The greatest seafood restaurant in the area; Red Snapper Inn. If you are looking for seafood, Red Snapper Inn is the restaurant for you. Maybe the most expensive restaurant on this list, but it is totally worth it. This restaurant is very unique and has a great environment. When you go, I recommend getting the Bar Trash appetizer and I also recommend ordering off of Lin’s Specials. You won’t find any better seafood than Red Snapper Inn!

I hope that this list has made your Valentines Day planning a lot less stressful and a little more comforting. Any of these four restaurants will definitely make your date feel special and loved. I hope all the couples around the world have an amazing Valentines Day date!