Thomas Off To Her Best Start With Powerlifting Team

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Thomas Off To Her Best Start With Powerlifting Team

Shia Long, Author

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“Do things that aren’t easy so hard decisions become easy thoughts , let go and let God . ” Lataevia Thomas

Lataevia Thomas has ended the last two years in powerlifting competing in the state meet.  Now in her senior year she would like nothing but a three-peat.  What makes Thomas succeed in this weight lifting sport?

“I love powerlifting , because it allows me to challenge myself and the competition I have . I also love that I get to let my strength shine through me and I love how I have a family in it also !” Thomas explaining why she loves powerfliting for Brazosport High School .

The last two years Thomas has did her best in powerlifting . Both years she went to state and placed . This year , her senior year , she is already off to a good start . The first meet in Hitchcock she won first place in her weight class , lifting a combined total of 865 pounds .

“I’m very excited for her competition this weekend , it’s a big one .” Coach Scott Smithey

Currently she is lifting 920 pounds getting ready for her big meet this weekend . Coach Scott Smithey has been pushing her hard and motivating her since there are two other girls at this meet that lift a combined total of 925 pounds . Thomas feels that she will be able to accomplish this competition if she works hard and stays focused .

“In the beginning my adrenaline is pumping and while I’m lifting I feel pain , but I love it because I know at the end it will be all worth for ! Anything is possible .” Thomas said.