2019 Fashion Trends to Look Out For

Elliott Cundieff, Reporter

Every year, trends are always something that everyone is ready to look into and something that everyone includes into what they wear. With the outburst of new technology, 2019 has been “trend forecasted” for some time so many of the brands and trends have been looked at for a while now. This year, many of the different menswear fashion trends seem to be a bit less contemporary and a little more editorial. Here is a look into 2019’s menswear upcoming fashion trends.

The first trend has been sort of introduced in the middle to the end of 2018, which was a dive into the iconic years of the Nineties. The year of 2018 ended very strong with this trend and has started back up again in the beginning of 2019. Many pieces that are associated with the trend are full tracksuits, bucket hats, and super oversized ‘ugly’ sneakers. So far the biggest take on this trend was Prada with the full tracksuits and the vintage styled bucket hats they included into their runway shows. Other brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Wooyoungmi, and Marni have also used this trend in their more recent collections.

The next huge trend that has been forecasted throughout London fashion week, is the use of leather. Everybody wants their nice leather jacket or some nice leather jeans, and of course in the highest quality. This trend consists of many super oversized and long leather coats. The brand that has done this in the most successful way, as of recent, has to be Fendi. Fendi has a great way of combining brown and blue leather, and mixing them with black leather trousers. Many other brands to use this trend are Paul Smith, John Lawrence Sullivan, and MSGM.

The final trend that everyone should look out for this year is the introduction of hiking gear and more technical wear. Many brands in the upcoming seasons have introduced hiking boots, nylon pants, and big mountain-wear jackets. The brand to do this trend the biggest and the most successful thus far has no-doubt been 1017 Alyx 9SM. Alyx has been one of the first to do their own take on the hiking boots and the nylon pants and big pilot jackets. Other brands to successfully grasp this trend are Prada, Louis Vuitton, Off-White, and Kiko Kostadinov.

Well, that’s all the trends that any fashion-head should totally be aware of and should look out for this coming year. The way people dress can affect everyone around them, and using a trend to elevate your style can affect everyone around you. Trends have been here, are here now, and will be here forever.