Thanksgiving Traditions

Shia Long, Reporter

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You think America is the only place Thanksgiving is celebrated ?

Actually there are nine other countries that celebrate Thanksgiving : Canada , China , Germany , Grenada , Japan , Norfolk Island , South Korea , Liberia , and Vietnam .

Three certain countries celebrate Thanksgiving in the same way as America . Canada , directly above America , shares many traditions with America , culinary and cultural . Since Liberia was founded by freed American slaves many traditions are celebrated there by origin , including Thanksgiving . China , North Korea , and Vietnam celebrations are tied to being thankful and celebrating the food .

In Grenada , the people celebrate and give thanks in formal ceremonies primarily in urban areas , these could also be recognized as street parties . Germany has an autumnal celebration they call Erntedankfest and is intended to celebrate the fruits of the fall harvest , which is very similar to why we celebrate Thanksgiving . Norfolk Island was a British penal colony meaning that mostly prisoners and debtors lived there to work off their punishment or debt . Traders and whalers also passed through there from the United States . An American trader , Isaac Robinson , held a traditional Thanksgiving at a local church . They now keep the tradition of Thanksgiving .

In Japan Thanksgiving is their national holiday , Kinro Kansha no Hi . The city of Nagano hosts an annual labor festival and draws attention to matters relating to human rights and the environment . In Tokyo, preschool students make crafts for the city police force. The American harvest festival is celebrated in private by the Empire family .

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