Red Ribbon Week

Shia Long, Reporter

Say NO to Drugs !

“Red Ribbon Week is a campaign to help educate America’s youth to the dangers of doing drugs . We participate in this each year to help raise awareness and keep our students and community drug free . We want our community to flourish and to do this , it will take everyone living a positive and healthy life , helping one another and caring for one another . Red Ribbon Week helps us with that in the schools.” Jayme Petersen , PALS Coordinator .   

This week is one day short , but we still say no to drugs . Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol , tobacco , and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign observed annually in October .

Tuesday is Superhero Day , Have the Power to Say NO .

“You shouldn’t do drugs , because they are the start of a downhill path . They don’t benefit you in anyway .” Taris Bonner , 9 .

Wednesday is Vine/Meme day , Don’t Do It for the Vine .

“I say no to drugs , because they turn you into someone you’re not .” Gabriella Angel , 11 .

Thursday is Character Day  , Take Care of Yourself .

“Drugs ? How about no .” Nevaeh McMillan , 11 .

Friday is Decade Day , Drugs are Old School .

“Don’t do drugs , because you’ll never further in life .” Maryfer Ramirez , 12 .