Volleyball Stars Lead On and Off of the Court

Shia Long, Author

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“It’s kinda outstanding for a freshman to learn 3 positions ,” Coach Glenn Johnson .

“Usually players only learn one position to play , but this player has learned three positions and plays them very well . Mikaya Burton , 12th , gives the best effort and puts in hard work . Emily Ferrell , 11th , has a great personality and gives the team a good reputation . All of the volleyball players really want to be here  . Watching them practice is great evidence for anyone , but one specific player gives it her all .”

Johnson says , “She’s eager to learn , willing to do what it takes to be successful .”   

Jerrilee Shadden , 9th , says , “It feels good , but I don’t like to brag .”

Being the only freshman on Varsity , is a huge shoe to fill in , because you can always be brought down to a different team level . Shadden is known to practice until 5:30 after school everyday , she understand routines very quickly but can also have fun . She moves very fast on the ball & the court , while encouraging others .

Shadden says , “The girls make me feel very welcome on the team & I’m very comfortable playing on Varsity .”

Although she does explain that she doesn’t always giver her best effort , but she has confidence in herself . You can tell just by speaking to her . She stays focused during practice and is a big help when she isn’t busy . Shadden prepares for games by listening to music in the locker room with the other players to get pumped up . Shadden says that she is very comfortable with the 3 different positions that she is playing . She explains that Johnson does push her hard , but it’s for her success in what she does .

 Shadden feels very proud knowing that Johnson chose her to be the player with the best attitude and effort on the team . His words to describe her make her feel good about herself and she really cares for his opinion .

“It’s just a fun sport ,” Jerrilee Shadden .