Cross Country

Gabriela Angel, Author

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Can you imagine what it’s like running everyday for miles and miles in the hot sun? Through all the mosquitoes and sometimes the rain. On the side of the river around a small portion of Freeport. On top of that racing with about 30 girls trying to be the best runner. Through all the hills or dirt whatever kind of course it may be.

Karely Almanza a Sophomore , runner at Brazosport High School. Also freshman Viviana Ruiz about her cross country life

You should never eat anything too crazy before a run or type of physical sport. You won’t feel great and it slows you don’t maybe with an upset stomach.  Most runners diets usually consist of homemade meals , granola / protein bars and lots of water.  Almanza says “ never eat heavy before a race “.

Music puts you in the mood to get you feeling a certain way for example sad music wouldn’t get you in the mood to race. Preparing for a run is usually listening to hype music that gets them in the focused mood and determined, drinking lots of water on the day off to stay hydrated.

You should always be well energized .Getting plenty of sleep the night before to be well rested so they have have a great day. Watching motivational videos to inspire and get ready to race.

Most people run to stay in shape for any sport. Those sports include basketball tennis and obviously track. Practice outside of practice is usually running 1-2 miles a day on weekend or after practice. “ my practice outside of practice is soccer “ says Almanza and Ruiz that are both soccer players for a club soccer team.

The two runners were asked if your life was a movie what would the title be? Almanza “ To Determined” Ruiz answered “ The life of an Athlete”.

Most of the time the biggest thing that influences runners is their family and all of the support that they provide. Almanzas answer was “ To stay in shape for soccer, and her family” Ruizs answer was “ my family and my friends”.

Self motivation is really what it’s all about.