Student Heavily Involved WIth School Organizations

Emma Weber, Reporter

Anyone first meeting D’Arian Steamer would think he was like any student at Brazosport High School, but when someone gets to know him, they start to find that he’s much more than that. D’Arian is an intelligent and talented student, having received awards for not only his academic achievements but also his work outside of school, earning him the respect of not only his peers and teachers but the community as well.

D’Arian is an outstanding student in his core classes, but he truly shows his talent in his artistic abilities. In 2018, he won first place in the hair and makeup category for UIL Theatrical Design. Along with being involved in Art, an elective which is time-consuming by itself, he’s involved in Theatre, another time-consuming extracurricular. With that on top of AP courses, it seems that’d be near impossible to manage.

“It’s very hard for any student, not just an AP student to balance themselves,” D’Arian says, “But it’s easier when I do activities that ground and relax me. I talk openly with my friends, and I try to admit my faults and areas discuss the areas I need to improve on, and that helps me cope with constantly rushing from event to event, late nights, and an AP workload.”

This is also the second year in a row that D’Arian has advanced to state in Theatrical design. Last year in Hair and Makeup design he won first in the state, and this year he advanced to state in a group event.

How does it feel to have made it to state for Theatrical Design two years in a row?

“On top of the world…Design combines so many of the things that I enjoy: research, math, art, and composition. After last year, I thought I could actually pursue it as a career. Making it to state gives me this feeling that my work is important and good. I’m excited to experience it again.”

D’Arian also volunteers for things to help out with the community. Previously he volunteered to help at the Freeport Library, and he’s planning to do it once again for his NHS service hours.