Life Before the Bell!

Emma Weber, Reporter

The hallways of Brazosport High School are always loud and full of life. Students are constantly rushing in the busy halls to get to their next class. At this high school, just like any, it’s hard to feel like you have time to breathe, which is why it’s good that we’re allowed to just hang out in the school in the morning. The time we have before school is our chance to just be with our friends and relax before our hectic days start.

Most of the kids at Brazosport High School spend their time before school in the Galley. Most of the kids in there are either eating the food that they’ve brought or gotten from the breakfast line, or they’re simply sitting with friends and talking.

Another popular place for kids to go to before class is the Library. Lots of the people that go in there are busy doing homework before class starts, either because the forgot to do it or they can’t do it at home. Some people just go in there to sit on the library couches and talk to one another, while others are playing the games or putting together the puzzles that the library offers to students.

Kids even spend time before class lounging in the hallways. Those who go to Brazoswood in the mornings spent their time in the hallway outside the Music Hall as they wait for their bus to arrive, and kids that just don’t like how loud the cafeteria is or the quiet of the library choose to sit on the benches next to the cafeteria.

Teachers use the morning to work on many different things. Teachers will set up their classrooms for the day’s lesson, or even have tutorials to assist their students to catch up with missing work or help them in a subject they don’t quite understand.

The calmness of the mornings at Brazosport balances out the chaos of the rest of the day. Being able to just be calm before the day starts is very helpful to ensure students don’t become overwhelmed during the day. The balance is essential to ensure there’s a healthy environment for students to be in.