School’s Out For Summer

Gabby Angel, Reporter

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 School gets out May 23rd to begin summer. Summer is the hottest of four seasons falling between Spring and Autumn. Summer Solstice is when the earth axis is tilted towards the sun, during winter the earth axis is pointed away from the sun. A good amount of people love summer more than any other season because of no school, the hot days, the vacation. The wardrobe changes from jeans to shorts, sweaters to shirts, boots to sandals and swimsuits at the beach. Teachers also get breaks from school just like students do unless they work summer school, but thats voluntary. Summer school is about 4 weeks in june a whole day of school in one classroom.  The goal is to pass so you do not have to end up in summer school.

   ¨ Last year I was at the beach almost everyday or if i was not at the beach i was swimming, the best part about summer is getting to stay out late and being with your friends everyday and not having to worry about waking up for school and not remembering to do your homework, the only thing i want to worry about is if I put on enough sunscreen or not¨ quote from junior Gabriela Angel.

¨ The best thing about summer to me is getting to soak up the sun and becoming friends with people you never thought you would be friends with. I enjoy talking to people and going out of my way to make new friends.” Sophomore Macy Byrne