Prom! The Event of the School Year

Gabby Angel, Reporter

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   Prom is an event that takes place on April 13. It is usually on a saturday at brazosport College. For those of you who do not know what prom is its an event for junior and seniors. Girls and guys get dressed up in formal wear to attend a dance where they soak up some of the last moments with their classmates.

  Then you will take prom pictures with your date unless you do not have one then you do not have to worry about looking better than your date. After prom pictures you eat at a fancy restaurant where the food is probably not better than chick fil a.  

    Prom for a girl and for a boy can average out to be the same amount of money depending on how much money you are willing to spend. When girls buy a dress they are able to take it in and get it fixed if it does not fit the way they want it to and there are no other dress sizes in the store.

Usually the guy will pay for the girls ticket and dinner if he asks her to prom. Depending on if you go by yourself you will pay for your own meal and prom ticket.

   At prom you vote for a king and queen before you enter the dance. You choose from a senior girl and a senior boy. During school they will tell people to vote for them and on social media also.

 The prom queen was Kamryn Arispe and the prom king was Miguel Champ.

     ¨ The best part about prom was being with my friends and dancing on the party bus i love my group of friends and they all looked beautiful¨ from Junior Gabriela Angel.

Here is an outline of prom expenses


  • Dress – $350
  • Nails & Toes -$100
  • Hair- $50
  • Shoes – $70
  • Makeup – $65
  • Jewelry – $100
  • Dinner-$40
  • Prom ticket- 40, 60, 80 just depending on when you buy it.



  • Tuxedo -$400
  • Shoes -$90
  • Haircut- $ 20
  • Accessories -$ 300
  • Dinner-$40