Spanish Came Easy for Strobel

Shia Long, Reporter

Strobel teaches Spanish 1 and 2 here at Brazosport . She is a new teacher to the school and district . She is very quiet and you may not see her alot since her classroom is toward the backside of the school ; the elective wing . A lot of students don’t know of her unless they have her class , but everyone deserves to know who she is . She is such a great teacher and has many different techniques of teaching , also giving her students fun ways to learn .

Since she’s new to the school , let’s get to know her .

“I have a large family; 6 kids, my mom and my dad. We didn’t have a lot of money, so we didn’t have a lot of nice things nor were we able to travel, but we did enjoy each other’s company. My sisters and I would play outside all day long. Almost all of our cousins were boys, so we were pretty much tom-boys and loved to play sports.We had lots of different animals including dogs, cats, pigs, snakes, ferrets, and iguanas. I remember fighting over the one computer after school so we could talk to people on AOL instant messenger. Throughout all of my childhood, we went to church whenever the doors were open. I am proud of my parents for doing their best with what they had and most importantly for passing down their faith in Jesus. My childhood wasn’t perfect and neither were my parents, but I think overall it was good. I have good memories of a lot of fun times. “

She explains that she enjoyed school until she got to high school . However she did her best in academic and extracurricular activities .

“I did do well in school. I was an A student throughout high school and liked to learn . I ran track in middle school, played basketball through my freshman year, and softball through my sophomore year. “

Wanting to further her studies in Spanish , she did just that !

“After high school I spent a year in Honduras on a trip for my church. When I returned home I found a job as a bilingual teacher assistant because I wanted to keep using Spanish. I found out that I loved helping students learn and after a year of that I went to college to get my degree .”

   Although she wasn’t planning to become a teacher when she grew up . She continued to learn Spanish in college , because she thought it was fun .

“Spanish came pretty easy to me when I began learning it. Once I began learning I didn’t want to stop, so I took Spanish classes in college for fun and ended up majoring in that as well as math. “

    Let’s help her feel welcomed !

“This school has a supportive and accepting environment for new teachers. It has been very welcoming.”

  Stay with us ! BISD is where you matter !