3 Cups of Coffee and It’s On!

Mr. Day Uses Energetic Style of Teaching

Shia Long, Reporter

“I have taught for 17 years , the last 10 at Brazosport .” Troy Day , AP Chemistry , Pre-AP Chemistry , and SAT Prep teacher . Shining the light down the science wing , Troy Day deserves a spotlight . Teaching his kids using stories and jokes to understand how elements react and produce . All of his classes are filled with energy as he is with the three cups of Black Coffee that he drinks everyday .

Day explains to me that Physics was his favorite class in high school , his teacher would create harder test because Day would pass them with an easy A , but he had to stop since his other students were failing. Wow , to think teachers would actually do that . Although Day was not planning to be a teacher . He attended college to become a professor at Texas A&M . Go Aggies ! He changed his mind when he realized that most of what college professors do is research and not teaching . So he decided he wanted to teach high school . While taking Organic Chemistry at college he realized how much he loved Chemistry and decided that’s what he wanted to concentrate on .

On becoming a teacher here at Brazosport Day explains that he originally interviewed for Brazosport and Brazoswood , although Brazoswood offered him a job and Brazosport did not . Day taught 5 years and was an assistant principal for two years at Brazoswood . He then took a year break from education and decided that he wanted to come back to teaching , so he tried it out at here at Brazosport . He says that he loved it here and felt welcomed from the beginning and doesn’t want to teach anywhere else .

 Day states that he loves the atmosphere of the school now , it’s better than what is was . It has improved for the better over the past couple of years .

Day wishes that all the students realized that education and learning as much as possible from every class is a key to a better future . Also “Texas A&M is the best school” there is to him . He’s been here 10 years and has enjoyed his time the whole 10 years . But he really enjoys it now , Day believes things are better than before .

If you or any of your friends has had Day as a teacher you wouldn’t want him to leave . Day explains that he plans on retiring from Brazosport as an old man . He’s getting close to the old part already , but not the retiring part .

Day says , “The reason I love teaching is because of a quote I often think of .” “ Education is not the filling of a pail , but the lighting of a fire . “ – William Butler Yeats .